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Apple (triangle downward): Broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.

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Laura Vandervoort

25 inches or 63.5 cm





Banana, or straight (rectangular): Measurement of waist is less than 9 inches smaller than the measurement of bust or hip.

5 feet 6½ inches or 169 cm or 1.69 m

Hourglass Shape (triangles opposing): Almost equal size of hip and bust with a narrow waist.

Oliver Trevena (2013-Present) (TV host, Actor and Singer)


Goosebumps (1997-1998) as Nadine Platt / Sheena Deep


Laura Dianne Vandervoort

35 inches or 89 cm

Michael Rosenbaum (2012-2013) (Actor, Director, Writer)

Laura Vandervoort attended York Mills Collegiate Institute in North York, Ontario and she graduated complete from York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

9 (US)

35 inches or 89 cm

VanderV, Vandiekins and Supergirl

Penny’s Odyssey (1999) as Tanya

Pear, Spoon, or Bell (triangle upward): Hip measurements are greater than the bust measurements.


Laura Vandervoort is best known for Smallville (2001-2011), V (2001-20011). She is also popular for Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2009), The Lookout (2007), The Entitled (2011) and Riverworld (2010).

53 kg or 143 lbs or 8.34607 stone

A study conducted by North Carolina State University with more than 6000 women to find out the most common body shapes. The study revealed that 46% women were banana-shaped, over 20% were pear-shaped, under 14% were apple-shaped and only 8% women were hourglass-shaped. In western countries the ideal female body shape is accepted to be Hourglass.

Name’s body shape is Hourglass.


4 (US)


Laura Vandervoort is a Canadian Actress. She is best known for Smallville, This Means War and Ted. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 22-Sep-1984 and now she is 29 years old. She lives in Toronto. Laura Vandervoort attended York Mills Collegiate Institute in North York, Ontario and York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Female body shape or figure is the increasing product of a woman’s skeletal structure and the distribution and quantity of muscle and fat on the body. There are different female body shapes since physical structure of every women are not same. But the most common women body shapes are:





29 years

35-25-35 inches or 89-63.5-89 cm

Corey Sevier (2005-2011) (Actor, Producer)

Penny’s Odyssey (1999) as Tanya

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